Before proceeding, have your OùRA ! card details ready. 

If you do not have a travel card, you can sign up here. If you do not have any ID number, you can go to a Transisère agency to sign up for an account. You can also request one via


You have two options to top up your personal OùRA! Card :

 1 Top up your OùRA ! card online :

Get your fares and season tickets within 72 hours at a Transisère validator (on board or at a point of sales) or at Transisère automated validator machine.dat-ti.jpg

Advantage: No USB flash drive needed



  lecteur-272x194-01-tcm72-109665-tcm72-105628-272x194.png2 Top up your OùRA ! card! instantly :

 (Features available soon)

Via the USB 2.0 card reader (some recent computers are equipped with a chip reader); it is also available at your nearest TAG Agency or on for €5.


  • Monthly payment instalment for your annual season PASS
  • Instantly top up your fare
  • Top up your season TCL/Transisère PASS (july 2018)


 At any time, you can access your balance online and check what’s on your card.