until 12/31/2019 - Transisère

From Monday, October 14, 2019


Because of the works in Chavanoz :

  • the stop "Rue du 11 novembre" is moved rue du Ronget.
  • the judgment "Usine M.R.C. "Is transferred to" Square Ginet ", except for the departures of the Lyceums of Pont-de-Chéruy for which it is moved to the intersection of the streets of Moulinage and Joseph Mouraret.

Attention, delays are possible.


Thank you for your understanding

The Transisère team

Affected route(s)

  • Coach PCH05 ANTHON-CHAVANOZ-PT DE CHERUY (Collège) Transisère

    towards PONT DE CHERUY
    towards CHAVANOZ