Disruption L.6200 : stop not served at Allevard from 18 to 22 July

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/22/2019

L.6200 : from 18 to 22/07 - carnival in Allevard, the stop "Place de Verdun" unserved. Report to the gendarmerie as for market days

Commercial L.3050 : deletion of the line as from 1 September

Transisère - Commercial - until 10/31/2019

L.3050-As of 1/09, due to the low attendance on the line, it will be removed. Itinisère

Commercial L.4120 : modification of the line as of September 1st

Transisère - Commercial - until 10/31/2019

L.4120-As of 1/09, changes are made the line becomes MUR16. The proposed offer is adapted to the use of the line. Itinisère

Disruption L.7300 : works in Viriville from July 15th to August 30th

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/30/2019

L.7300 : from 15/07 to 30/08 - due to work on the town of Viriville, the line is diverted. Delays are to be expected - Itinisère

Disruption L.5110 : unserved stops at Fontaine and Seyssinet-Pariset from 15/07 to 23/08

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/23/2019

L.5110 : from 15/07 to 23/08 - works at Fontaine the "L. Maisonnat" stop at Fontaine and "A. Bergès" at Seyssinet-Pariset not served - Itinisère

Disruption L.1380, 7110, 7360: stop not served in Voiron from July 15th to 19th

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/19/2019

L.1380, 7110, 7360 : from 15 to 19/07 - because of works in Voiron, the "Center Social" stop not served. Report stop "General Leclerc" in Voiron

Disruption L.1010 : unserved stops in La-Chapelle-de-la-Tour from July 15th to 26th

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/26/2019

L.1010-from 15/7 to 26/7-due to work stops "Village" and "Le Meynat" at La Chapelle-de-la-Tour unserved report stop "Les Pelleteaux". Itinisère

Roadworks L.7000: risks of disturbances from 9 to 26 July

Transisère - Roadworks - until 7/26/2019

L.7000: risks of disturbances from 9 to 26/07 due to work at the locality "Les Grollets" St-Joseph-de-Rivière-Itinisère

Disruption L.4110 : "Cimon" stop in La Mure not served

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.4110-le 2/07-Because of works in La Mure : "Cimon" stop not served. See the "Pont de la Maladière" stop in Susville. Itinisère

Disruption L.MUR08, VIZ06, VIZ07, 4101 and 4100 : "Cimon" stop in La Mure moved

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.MUR08, VIZ06, VIZ07,4101 and 4100-le 02/07 : Due to works in La Mure, the "Cimon" stop is shifted to the level of the Total gas station. Itinisère

Disruption ERRATUM L.3000,4100,4101,4110,4500,6020,6060,6200,EXP1,EXP,EXP3,VOR01

Transisère - Disruption - until 10/14/2019

ERRATUM L.3000,4100,4101,4110,4500,6020,6060,6200,EXP1,EXP2,EXP3,VOR01-du 19/07 au 14/10-the "Gares" stop in Grenoble dir. Bus Station moved. Itinisère

Disruption L.3000,4100,4101,4110,4500,6020,6060,6200,EXP1,EXP,EXP3,VOR01:"Gares" displaced

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/18/2019

L.3000,4100,4101,4110,4500,6020,6060,6200,EXP1,EXP2,EXP3 et VOR01 -From 01 to 8/07- because of works, the station "Gares" in Grenoble is moved. Itinisère

Disruption L.4101 : stop not served in Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur from 27/06 to 31/08

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.4101-du 27/6 au 31/8-Due to the summer market, the stop "Field Fair" St-Bonnet-en-Champsaur not served Mondays from 6h to 14h, Thursdays from 14h to 22h

Disruption L.6200: the "Mairie" stop in Domène moved from June 24th to September 24th

Transisère - Disruption - until 9/24/2019

L.6200-from 24/6 to 24/9-Due to work in Domène, the stop "Mairie" will be moved rue Jean Jaurès only in the direction Grenoble-> Allevard. Itinisère

Disruption L.VER01, VER02, VER05, VER07 : work on the municipality of La Verpilliere

Transisère - Disruption - until 9/30/2019

L.VER01, VER02, VER05, VER07-le 18/06 : works on the municipality of La Verpilliere until September 30-Itinisère

Roadworks L.7330: Risks of disturbances from June 3rd to September 30th due to works

Transisère - Roadworks - until 9/30/2019

L.7330: Due to work on the town of Izeaux, delays are to be expected on some departures from 3/06 to 30/09-Itinisère

Roadworks L.7010 : stop not served in Chambery from May 27 to August 31

Transisère - Roadworks - until 8/31/2019

L.7010 : from 27/05 to 31/08 - due to work stop "Hospital Chambéry" not served, report to the stop "Hospital Biset" in Chambéry - Itinisère

Disruption L.7010: removal of the "Le Village" stop in Saint-Etienne-de-Crossey

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7010: "Le Village" stop in Saint-Etienne-de-Crossey towards Chambéry, is now located opposite the stop in the direction of Voiron-Itinisère

Disruption L.7330 : delayed schedules from Thursday 9 May

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7330-as of 9/05-Due to work on the RD73 at La Frette, schedules are delayed by one minute at certain stops-Itinisère

Disruption L.7360 : stoppage postponed and schedules delayed as of Thursday 9 May

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7360-as of 9/05-Due to work at La Frette, the stop "The Village" is reported on the RD1085 and schedules delayed by one minute at certain stops

Disruption L.1060 and CRE09 : "Mianges" stop in Chamagnieu not served from 23/04 to 19/07

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/19/2019

L.1060 and CRE09-from 23/04 to 19/07-Due to work in Chamagnieu : stop "Mianges" moved to the crossroads of Chemin de la Chapelle and Chemin de Buclet.

Disruption L.EXP1, EXP2, 6010, 6060 and 6200:stop "Victor Hugo" moved from Tuesday 23 April

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.EXP1, EXP2, 6010, 6060 and 6200: stop "Victor Hugo" in Grenoble towards City Hall moved on the Bd Edouard Rey from Tuesday, April 23-Itinisère

Disruption L.5000, 5200, 7000, 7300, 7320, 7330, EXP1, EXP2 : risk of delay

Transisère - Disruption - until 10/31/2019

L.5000, 5200, 7000, 7300, 7320, 7330, EXP1, 2: from 15/4 to the end of October due to work on the RN481 the VSP will be neutralized, delays are to be expected.

Disruption L.7360,LEM02, RIV04, VOI06 and VOI07:localization stop "La Contamine" in Apprieu

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7360, LEM02, RIV04, VOI06 and VOI07: the stop "La Contamine" in the direction Apprieu-> Voiron is located before the traffic light-Itinisère

Commercial L.5100, 5110, 5120, 5130 : group transportation

Transisère - Commercial - until 8/31/2019

L.5100, 5110, 5120, 5130-REMINDER: Groups of more than 12 people are accepted on board vehicles only within the limits of available seats.

Disruption L.7330: time change from Monday 4 March

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7330: departure from La Place Hector Berlioz to La Côte-Saint-André at 8:20 towards Grenoble offset at 8:25 am from Monday, March 4 - Itinisère

Roadworks L.EXP1: "San Marino" stop in St Egrève moved from March 4 from 8pm to 6am

Transisère - Roadworks - until 8/31/2019

L.EXP1: "San Marino" stop in St Egrève moved as early as Monday March 4th from 8pm to 6am in both directions of traffic due to work - Itinisère

Disruption L.EXP2: modification of the Brignoud Gare judgment from Monday 11 February

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.EXP2-from the 11/02-stop Brignoud Station will be on Avenue Robert Huant, the same place as Tougo lines in the direction Tencin> Grenoble. Itinisère

Disruption L.7000: "Eglise-Ecole privé" stop in St-Laurent-du-Pont moved as of 28/01

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7000: from 28/01 - The stop "L'église-Ecole privé" in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont is moved in the street Charles Berty - Itinisère

Disruption L.1060: stop unserved at La Verpillière from January 24th to September 30th

Transisère - Disruption - until 9/30/2019

L.1060: Extension until 30/09: stop "Gare SNCF" to the Verpillière unserved in the direction Pont-de-Cheruy-> Villefontaine. Itinisère

Disruption L.EXP1, EXP2, 6060, 6200 : New phase of work in the City of Grenoble

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/19/2019

L.EXP1, EXP2, 6060, 6200 : dès le 7/01 - new phase of work in the city center of Grenoble, deviation from the stop "Hôtel de Ville" direction Gare

Disruption L.7320 and 7330: additional time and stop not served from 7/01

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7320 and 7330: additional departure from the Rives "P + R Bièvre Dauphiné" stop and stop not served Apprieu from 7/01 - Itinisère

Disruption L.7360 : Modification stops and schedules from Monday, December 3rd

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7360-From 3/12-départ 18:10 of Côte-St-André will harm stops " Café Berlioz " and "Eglise", schedules of passage delayed 5 min from " La Bourgeat "

Disruption L.6010, 6051, 6052, VIZ10, SMH02 :delays to be expected from 19/11 to 31/08

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.6010, 6051, 6052, VIZ10, SMH02 : du 19/11 au 31/8/19 ->Due to redevelopment work at St-Martin d'Uriage, delays are expected.

Disruption L.7300 : change of schedule as of November 12

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7300 : From 12/11 - The departure of the stop "Le Chambard" to Izeaux in the direction of Moirans is moved forward of 4 min7 a hour 20 to the place 7:24pm

Disruption L.2070 : hourly change from 7/11 to july 2019

Transisère - Disruption - until 7/31/2019

L.2070-from 7/11 to July 2019-Due to work on the town of St-Alban-de-Roche, the schedule of the line are modified-Itinisère

Disruption L.5100, 5120 : stop "ET. Jean Prevost" moved as of October 10

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.5100, 5120 : From 10/10 stop " ET. Jean Prevost " moved on the Street of Tintaine to Villard-de-Lans- Itinisère

Disruption L.6060 : modification on Mondays from October 1st

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.6060 : des le 1/10 - Modification of schedule every Monday from Grenoble at 6 am. The coach will leave from now on at 6:10 am of the station of Grenoble

Disruption L.7320 : erratum timesheet 2018 -2019

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.7320-from 3/09-erratum paper schedules, stop "P.R. Mandrin" in St-Etienne-de St Geoirs served instead of "Eglise" in Brézins dir.Grenoble-Itinisère

Disruption L.6010, 6051, 6052: New for holders of a TAG title

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.6010, 6051, 6052: -On 1st September - holders of a TAG ticket can travel on the line beyond Venon to the "Route de St Martin Itinisère" stop

Disruption L.1350, 1920, 1930 et 1940 : stop moved in Lyon from 30/03

Transisère - Disruption - until 8/31/2019

L.1350, 1920, 1930, 1940 : From 30/03 - works on Lyon, the stop " Mermoz Pinel " is put back on the stop TCL " Mermoz-Pinel " boulevard Pinel - Itinisère

Disruption L.2180, 2990 : stop « nouvelle gare routière » postponed from march 5th

Transisère - Disruption - until 9/6/2019

L.2180,2990-from Monday 5/03 and for an indefinite time-stop "new bus station" reported at the stop "Allobroges Bus Station" -Itinisère

Disruption L.5000,5100,5110,5200,7000,7300,7320,7330, EXP1, EXP2: stop moved to Grenoble

Transisère - Disruption - until 12/31/2019

L.5000,5100,5110,5200,7000,7300,7320,7330, EXP1, EXP2-from the 20/03 at the end of the works-Due to works, stop "Durand Savoyat" moved. Itinisère

Disruption L.EXP1, EXP2, 6060, 6200: stops again served in Grenoble from July 20th.

Transisère - Disruption - From 7/20/2019 to 8/31/2019

L.EXP1, EXP2, 6060, 6200: from 20/07 - end of work in the city center of Grenoble, stops "Dr Mazet" and "Victor Hugo" again served-Itinisère

Disruption L.3020 : stop not served at the Alpe d'Huez from 22 to 26 July

Transisère - Disruption - From 7/22/2019 to 7/26/2019

L.3020 : from 22 to 26/07 - because of the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez organized at Alpe D'Huez, the stop "L'Eclose" unserved - Itinisère

Disruption L.4101: "Gare SNCF" stop in Gap unserved on 23 and 24 July

Transisère - Disruption - From 7/23/2019 to 7/24/2019

L.4101-from 23 to 24/07-Due to the 16th stage of the Tour de France stop "Gare SNCF" to Gap unserved. Itinisère

Disruption L.7000, 7010 : stop "Gare Routière" in St-Laurent-du-Pont moved on July 28

Transisère - Disruption - From 7/28/2019 to 7/28/2019

L.7000,7010-le 28/07-Due to the demonstration "The American West in Chartreuse" at St Laurent du Pont, the stop "Gare Routière" moved on the RD520.

Disruption L.1350, 1920, 1930 and 1940 : delays to be expected from July 29 to August 9

Transisère - Disruption - From 7/29/2019 to 8/9/2019

L.1350,1920,1930,1940-from 29/07 to 9/08 : delays due to work on the av. Jean Mermoz in Lyon, the line is deviated in dir. of the Part-Dieu.

Disruption L.3010 : departure not done July 30

Transisère - Disruption - From 7/30/2019 to 7/30/2019

L.3010 : the 30/07 - because of the race "Oisans Col Series", the departure of Vaujany at 9h47 towards Bourg-d'Oisans is canceled - Itinisère

Disruption L.5200 : works in Vinay unserved stops from 5/8 to 28/8

Transisère - Disruption - From 8/5/2019 to 8/28/2019

L.5200 : Due to work in Vinay several unserved stops and Saint-Sauveur, Têche and Beaulieu not served from 5/8 to 28/8. Itinisère